Privacy Policy

This document covers all the information we collect from our users while searching/downloading any video on our video downloader. It is suggested to read this page carefully to be well-aware of all the data that we will retrieve from our users.


By using the services of videodownloader.net, you have agreed upon the terms and conditions and the collection of information as mentioned forth.

Information Collection

We may collect the following information from you when you use our services to download any video:

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The total number of downloads you conduct through our downloader, download speed, and other important statistics.

Video Sharing

Bug reports, conversion errors, damaged links, or any similar interruption in our services.

Video Sharing

Your IP address, comments, entered keywords, suggestions, etc.

How Do We Use User’s Data?

By using the information gathered from you, we try to understand how you use and interact with our video downloader and the things that are required to improve. We may also use the users’ data for the following reasons:

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To maintain, upgrade and design advanced features to provide you a better user experience.

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To communicate with the users by replying to the comments, suggestions, and information about new products.

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To generate reports for internal business purposes. These reports may include analytics and other technical information.

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To get information and defend users against fraudulent or unlawful activity.

It is also important to mention here that we may combine this information with the data we obtain from service providers or other companies.

Changes to Privacy Policy

We would like to use this page as an opportunity to mention that the company has the right to change its privacy policy at any time without any prior notification. We can also update our privacy policy as we upgrade our services. Therefore, keep visiting this page to know about any modifications in the privacy policy of our video downloader.

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